Roadtrip to Houston

Visiting CentralTrak artists Larissa (Lara) Aharoni & Raul Cordero had never been to Houston and wanted to see the Rothko Chapel, so off we went! Before we hit the Menil Collection, we made stops at Diverseworks, the Isabella Court galleries and perhaps most importantly, Lara finally got some Barbeque at Goode Company!


…and then on the NASA and the Johnson Space Center, right?!?


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Hilly Plugs Method of Loci on ATW

Check out a fun episode of Art This Week and an interview I did with curator Rebecca Lawton at the Amon Carter Museum in Fort Worth!

I must say, seeing Fumée d’Ambre Gris in person is pretty stunning. Check out the four Sargeant works on display now through June 17th.

BUT not before you visit Deborah Aschheim: Method of Loci here at CentralTrak, running through April 14th.

Be sure to keep checking back with Art This Week for more local art news (including CentralTrak!) and interviews by yours truly.



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Interview with Paul Kloss

Check out Hillary’s interview with recent visiting artist Paul Kloss!

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March 13, 2012 · 5:15 am

Deborah Aschheim Installs

The March 10th opening of Deborah Aschheim’s “Method of Loci” is just around the corner, and Deborah is hard at work…




Please join us for the opening, this Saturday, 8-10pm!!!

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CircleWerk Completes Phase One

CentralTrak visiting artist, Paul Kloss, returns to Brooklyn today, after joining the production team/artistic collaboration CircleWerk. An enormously talented director of photography, his contributions were invaluable. Okay CircleWerkers, on to Phase Two…!

Paul Kloss working with a “table-top” set-up

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La Reunion Field Trip

Catherine Horsey hosted the CentralTrak crew on a tour of the La Reunion artists’ residency grounds today. It’s on 30 some-odd acres of really varied geography: woodlands, creeks, prairie, etc. in Oak Cliff (just South of Dallas). We’re now all given the task of generating ideas for collaborations between the two programs and our artists. Excitement is brewing – the place is magical! Thanks for the tour Catherine!










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Slik Stockings Creates a “Dash Snow”

Danielle Georgiou & Hilly Holsonback perform as Slik Stockings in BRIDGED, an exhibition of area MFA candidates organized by Stephen Lapthisophon. Featuring photography by fellow UT Dallas graduate student, Emily Loving, the artists covered a room in Xerox copies of Loving’s photographs of Georgiou and Holsonback. Throughout Friday evening, Slik Stockings took to destroying the intricate design.

Curious, check out the video here:

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