Openings, Openings, Openings!

In just 4 short days, the event the CentralTrak crew and CircleWerk Collective has anxiously been waiting for will finally open. The O.T. is coming at you in full biblical force on Saturday, January 14.

And lucky for you, our neighbors have more shows to tickle your fancy.

  • The Power Station will be opening “Deluxe” by Virginia Overton. The Opening Reception begins at 3:30pm and goes until an undisclosed time. There’s going to be food (roast pork from Tennessee’s Wedge Oak Farm) and football. The show runs until March 30.
  • 500X opens “Another Dog and Pony Show” at 7:00pm. In the Main and Upstairs Gallery, artists Clayton Hurt, Kerry Pacillio, Timothy Harding, Diane McGurren. The show runs until February 5.
  • The Reading Room will be having their first Book Swap from 4:00-9:00pm with cocktails and random readings throughout the day.
  • The McKinney Avenue Contemporary has three shows opening in one day. Eric Eley: Coincident Disruption; Marilyn Jolly, Melba Northum & Susan Sitzes: Transience: Imperfect, Impermanent, Incomplete; and Walter Nelson: Graffiti on Aspen Trees – Nature vs. Man.

Don’t forget the CADD Bus Tour, CentralTrak’s the final destination!


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